Do Nation

The client

Do Nation helps people commit to making small behaviour changes that add up to a better world, like cycling to work, driving more efficiently, eating less meat or turning the thermostat down a notch.

Users can pledge themselves, or start a campaign - at home or at work - to raise pledges from friends, family and colleagues.

In the workplace, they help companies engage their employees in sustainability through simple and fun competitions, therefore reducing their environmental impact while saving money and increasing staff retention.

Some of the organisations that use Do Nation’s platform include Innocent, Network Rail, Siemens, Pret and University College London.

The work

Do Nation had taken on a substantial project, Count Us In, as part of a global initiative to mobalise 1 billion people to take a few small steps and make them into lifestyle changes. The project had many backers, including IKEA, HSBC, BT, the United Nations, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Reckitt Benckiser, Sky UK among many others.

Artxcode was contracted to help expand Do Nation’s platform and accelerate the development of new features for this new campaign.

Count Us In was to be launched as part of Countdown, a global initiative by TED to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate change crisis. As a result, the project had a hard deadline for completion.

Artxcode worked alongside design agencies, as well as the Do Nation team, to help develop the product. The work involved building web frontends from scratch according to new designs, refactoring and modernising the codebase, and setting up and performing load tests prior to launch. It also required maintaining Django multi-sites and providing updates to the Wagtail Content Management System.

The technologies used consisted of JavaScript, React, CSS/SCS, Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, GraphQL, Docker, and Heroku.

The platform received extensive media coverage at launch, some of which you can view below.

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